Special Activities Staff

Kingsman Group Agents are highly skilled, well-rounded, and trained to provide personal protection and peace of mind.

In today’s climate, high-profile, public figures are faced with unprecedented risks that require close protection. Kingsman Group selects agents who are adaptable, agile, and function as a cohesive team to provide services that exceed expectations. Our agents carefully plan, coordinate and lead details that anticipate tomorrow’s threats and ensure Client safety.

Whether you require executive protection services or services from the special activities staff, Kingsman Group will specifically match the agent’s skill, knowledge, and experience to your needs.

Kingsman Group special services include, but not limited to:

  • Armed/Unarmed Residential Estate Protection
  • Family Security Coordinators
  • Estate Managers with Security Background
  • State of Emergency “Ride-out Teams” for Private Residences
  • Advance Agents for Traveling High Net Worth Families
  • Travel Escorts for International Travel
  • Female/Male Nanny Guards
  • Plainclothes Event Security
  • Church Security Specialists
  • VIP Protection for High-Profile Figures and Families
  • Special Clandestine Services